Monday, July 11, 2011


I am behind again - my apologies. Here is the new schedule. 

Tuesday (July 11)
Initials, Inc. Independent Creative Partner, Nikki Nowalski

Wednesday (July 12)
The Perky Pukeko

Thursday (July 13)
bcharmed Independent Stylist Rep Site

Friday (July 14)
Sandy Gram- Say it in the Sand

Monday (July 17)
Mama Yali

Tuesday (July 13)

Wednesday (July 18)
Bravely Boutique

Thursday (July 19)
Penny Wise Panache

Friday (July 20)
Social Mom Cafe (lp)
Nikki's Nik Naks (lp)
Holly Bows (lp)
Just Jewelry Girl (lp)

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