Saturday, August 27, 2011

Updated TO DO List

 These are in NO particular order!!! I will contact you when I am working on  your project.

Rockalicious Sweets
Nurtured Sew Naturally
Support a Mom
Lucky 3's
Growing Old Gracefully
Shop/Love/Save Redesign
Michelle A

All landing page designs owed or coming up will be worked as time allows. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Please leave a Review!!

If you have had services done by WAHM eCommerce and are HAPPY with the results please consider leaving a review for me on MamaPedia!! It's a new site I have joined for marketing and all good reviews would be greatly appreciated!! Just click the banner!! Thanx!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Updated Project List

I would love to go into the reasons I am not on schedule but it's a long story and while it seems I haven't done anything I really have. There is a major personal issue happening with our family right now and I tried to work on things in between phone calls and running out the door. BUT! The good news is I am further along than I thought I was based on the schedule below this one. Here is the new list I am working on..... there is NO set day for these projects but everything will be done this week. :)

Mommy Powers
Elyse Anne
OC Bargain Hunter 
Kountry Pantry 
French Pastry 

Social Mom Cafe (landing page)
Nikki's Nik Naks (landing page)
Holly Bows (landing page)
Just Jewelry Girl (landing page)