Thursday, December 9, 2010

Referral Promo Coming Soon!

To celebrate our recently redesigned launch, existing clients will be able to earn FREE hosting for an X amount of referrals!

Why so limited on the details? Because we are still in the process of creating the promo to ensure you get the very best reward out of it!

How can you make sure you get in on the deal? Follow this blog, follow us on twitter and/or the BEST way to keep up to date is through our Facebook Page.

More details coming soon!

Sha & Amberle

Your Host & Your Designer

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Design, Updates & News!

We are SUPER excited to announce our newly redesigned WAHM eCommerce!! The entire process took Sha  approximately 4-5 days but we are very happy with how everything turned out! 

You shouldn't experience any problems and nothing has changed on your end at all. We just decided we needed a new bolder, brighter, more professional look!

We will be moving forward with things shortly - Amberle will be creating a Facebook Ad for the business - this WILL generate a ton of more traffic to our Facebook page and our website. In preparation of this, we have updated our facebook page by adding client site screenshots with links, created a new blog (still in progress) and we need to update our Twitter Design as well. The new year promises a lot of incentives for you, our awesome clients! Once we have the advertising in place and business picks up we will be offering a REFERRAL PROGRAM to help you earn credit towards your hosting bills!

So what's all new at WeC?
What's Coming to WeC?
Thank you all for being a part of the WeC Family! We appreciate you, your business and your dedication to us!

A HUGE thank you to Amberle for her input and support! And a HUGE thank you to SI for the help on the Hosting Area design! You both ROCK! 

And lastly, I can't forget to thank the Husband - while you don't truly understand my passion behind my business - you still support me in my decisions and for that my love for you grows more and more with every new client I get. Without you I couldn't do what I do and my clients couldn't get what they get from WeC and me! XOXOXO

Sha & Amberle
Your Host & Your Designer