Thursday, March 8, 2012


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Thank you! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Updated TO DO List

 These are in NO particular order!!! I will contact you when I am working on  your project.

Rockalicious Sweets
Nurtured Sew Naturally
Support a Mom
Lucky 3's
Growing Old Gracefully
Shop/Love/Save Redesign
Michelle A

All landing page designs owed or coming up will be worked as time allows. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Please leave a Review!!

If you have had services done by WAHM eCommerce and are HAPPY with the results please consider leaving a review for me on MamaPedia!! It's a new site I have joined for marketing and all good reviews would be greatly appreciated!! Just click the banner!! Thanx!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Updated Project List

I would love to go into the reasons I am not on schedule but it's a long story and while it seems I haven't done anything I really have. There is a major personal issue happening with our family right now and I tried to work on things in between phone calls and running out the door. BUT! The good news is I am further along than I thought I was based on the schedule below this one. Here is the new list I am working on..... there is NO set day for these projects but everything will be done this week. :)

Mommy Powers
Elyse Anne
OC Bargain Hunter 
Kountry Pantry 
French Pastry 

Social Mom Cafe (landing page)
Nikki's Nik Naks (landing page)
Holly Bows (landing page)
Just Jewelry Girl (landing page)

Monday, July 11, 2011


I am behind again - my apologies. Here is the new schedule. 

Tuesday (July 11)
Initials, Inc. Independent Creative Partner, Nikki Nowalski

Wednesday (July 12)
The Perky Pukeko

Thursday (July 13)
bcharmed Independent Stylist Rep Site

Friday (July 14)
Sandy Gram- Say it in the Sand

Monday (July 17)
Mama Yali

Tuesday (July 13)

Wednesday (July 18)
Bravely Boutique

Thursday (July 19)
Penny Wise Panache

Friday (July 20)
Social Mom Cafe (lp)
Nikki's Nik Naks (lp)
Holly Bows (lp)
Just Jewelry Girl (lp)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Schedule Through July 15, 2011

This is the schedule I have made to get caught up on everything. Please, if the day(s) I have posted does not work for you I need to know ASAP.  I will contact you on the day I have designated for your design. These are listed in the order of when you placed/paid for your project EXCEPT the landing page designs. Those are listed last but that does not mean I won't get them done earlier. My main focus is to get WEBSITES done first then landing page designs.

If you haven't done so already, PLEASE visit and fill out the questionnaire on that page. 

ALSO! If you are in need of a LOGO please visit and do a search on images you are thinking of for your site. Once you find a few you like simply email me the links to the images and I will work around the image you want/like the best. This will make the process go a lot faster because you will have picked an image you like! :)

I would like to stick to this schedule so that I can get caught up. Everyone that ordered a website project below will get an extra FREE month of website hosting on me. I am on US EASTERN time (I am located in PA) - - - I am usually on the computer around 8AM and get off around 4PM. 


Monday (June 27)

Tuesday (June 28)
Princess Dreams Tutus

Wednesday (June 29)
Mama Made USA

Thursday (June 30)
Mama Made USA

Friday (July 1)
Team Kallaher (bamboopink Team Page)

Monday : CLOSED for July 4th!

Tuesday (July 5)
Inspiration & Motivation Artprints (content)

Wednesday (July 6)
Initials, Inc. Independent Creative Partner, Nikki Nowalski

Thursday (July 7)
The Perky Pukeko

Friday (July 8)
bcharmed Independent Stylist Rep Site

Monday (July 11)
Sandy Gram- Say it in the Sand

Tuesday (July 12)
Mama Yali

Wednesday (July 13)

Thursday (July 14)
Bravely Boutique

Friday (July 15)

Penny Wise Panache

Landing Page Designs will be done in between website projects as I can get to them.

Social Mom Cafe (lp)
Nikki's Nik Naks (lp)
Holly Bows (lp)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

TO DO LIST (6/6 - 6/12)

If you do not see your project listed below please email me at
Thank you. :)

  • Mama Made USA 
  • Daribums
  • Initials, Inc. Independent Creative Partner, Nikki Nowalski 
  • Team Kallaher (bamboopink Team Page)
  • Princess Dreams Tutus
  • Accidental WAHM
  • Holly Bows (lp)
  • Social Mom Cafe (lp)
  • Nikki's Nik Naks (lp)
  • Inspiration & Motivation Artprints (content)