Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a CRAZY BUSY Month!

WoW! I can't believe how busy WeC has gotten over the past month! We have gained 34 new clients who have ordered a variety of services from facebook design services to our "Total Package" (complete websites). Over HALF of those 34 are new website hosting clients that ordered "The Total Package" and a few are clients that ordered just hosting and decided to order custom designs as well. We also had a few in there that originally ordered Facebook Services and loved the results of their final design so much they went ahead and signed up for our hosting/website design services as well!

I must admit that gaining this many clients has made me realize that I MUST get more organized! While I do have my weekly design schedule posted on here I still have a tendency of leaving someone out or I have lost an email or two... I have even skipped over a new order without realizing it!

So during this past week while I had small breaks I have set up a few new things for existing and new clients. New clients ordering will now be given a special URL to fill our Pre-Design Order Form after payment is received. This form asks for specific information that will help us get a better understanding of what they want their final design to be.This alone will save about 3-10 back and forth emails and valuable time as well!

If I get a request for help from a client, I have a tendency of stopping everything and focus on just that client. At times this can take hours - sometimes a full day away from my design work. So because of this, I have put out a request for WeC Mentors! WeC Mentors are existing clients that are "hired" by us to help new clients in setting up their eStores. These Mentors will be compensated with Hosting Credit in return for their generosity in helping other clients. This alone will give me so much more time to work on designs and I do plan on giving these Mentors a little more exposure by creating a special page on our main website and on Facebook highlighting their businesses.

With the increase in clientele I have also realized that my own website is terribly cluttered and unorganized. This past week I have worked with my Tech Gal on a new vision for the site. The new site will be easier to navigate and give all potential clients a better understanding of what WAHM eCommerce is and what we offer. I will be implementing new services, new pricing and a more organized explanation of each service offered.

Over the next month or so I will also be upgrading our eStore software! I have to come to realize that while I believe the WeC eStore is one of the best out there, it is lacking a few features that our moms would benefit from. I cannot go into details just yet, but I can tell you my Tech Gal and I are working very hard to make the WeC eStore the best it can be. When we are closer to the launch date of the new features I will send out a mass email to all my clients with the list and an option to upgrade for a one time very low fee.

Again I must thank all of my newest clients for their patience and understanding this past month. With my medical issues and a few kids getting sick here and there, my time on the computer hasn't been as much as I would have liked. But I strongly believe that because I am a mom and a wife who caters to other moms and wives that I have some of the best clients out there. It is because they are moms and wives that they understand that sometimes "real life (offline life) just happens".  It is out of our control and if something needs tended to we do drop everything and get it done. So again THANK YOU to everyone. This past week I was able to get SO MUCH done and I finally feel that I am in a comfortable place with my schedule and I truly hope you feel the same way.


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